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We believe music is a universal language in the world, which connects us together and feel each others’ souls. Everyone can become a handpan musician, all you need – just a handspan and truly passion in music.

Once you enter the magic world of handpan music, you will realise how great it is and how it connect your soul with the nature. Join our community to find your faith, peace, hope and love.

Just relax, and belive in yourself, let your mind fly with the handpan music.

What is Handpan?

A Handpan is a musical instrument built of steel and operated with your hands. Some describe it form cylindrical, oval, or even UFO-shaped. It is also known as a cousin of the steel drum. Think of it like two domes being met. It is made from two metal layers that are attached in such a way that it will create a booming sound chamber. Though that is a very easy definition, it takes a large deal of talent and craftsmanship to create the instrument you’ve already fallen in love with. The history of the Handpan is followed back to the steel pan and drum instruments developed in Trinidad and Tobago in the 1940s. This special steel family of instruments has a distinctive and unique sound.

How much does the handpan cost?

As a handmade instrument, a handpan is not expensive, but far away from heap. 90% of the hand pans cost between $ 1,500 and $ 3,000. The big problem, however, is that the instrument is so sought after that some see it as the reason you find manufacturers who sell instruments that are too expensive compared to the quality they offer, or people who sell instruments for much more than resell that. they originally bought them. In other words, quality is not always proportional to, so you can find great instruments for $ 1,500 and some poor quality instruments for $ 3,000 or more. But no fear! With a little practice, your hearing will help you make the right choice.

Tips to play your handpan

Trust your ears

Listen to the rythms and sounds, also as many as handpan videos and performance as possible.

Trust your instincts

Go wild with your soul.
Let your mind fly with your handpan music.
Believe in your own instincts.

Trust your fingers

As old says, practice makes perfect. Just keep playing handpan consistentsly and make it become your hobby

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